HTML 5 Fundamentals

HTML 5 Fundamentals teaches all of the newest syntax and basic principles behind the latest features of HTML. Our expert explains how HTML5 tags and attributes are used to format content and add multimedia to your web pages. 

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This course is designed for anyone looking to become a web designer or web developer.

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Awarded 20 CPD points upon successful completion

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20 hours

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    About this course

    In simple terms, HTML is a language which enables a website to be built. It may sound complicated but in fact, it is quite a simple language to grasp once you have the basics and once learnt, you’ll be confidently able to format the content for a webpage or website using this renowned computing language.

    This HTML 5 Fundamentals course is ideal for beginners to HTML and you will learn the latest principles behind HTML and some of the new tags.

    The HTML training course is online and will take around 20 hours and is completely flexible in that you can study wherever and whenever you want.

    There are 2 sessions within this course: –

    Session 1

    Section A: Introduction to HTML

    Section B: HTML Text Markup

    Section C: HTML 5 Text Markup

    Section D: HTML 5 Forms

    Session 2

    Section A: HTML 5 Audio and Video

    Section B: HTML 5 Canvas and SVG

    Section C: HTML 5 Communication APIs

    Section D: HTML 5 Web Workers

    Section E: HTML 5 Geolocation

    Section F: HTML 5 Data Storage

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