This course will help you learn the English language to a level that will help you in your career. You'll get to grips with Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills.

Why train with Pitman English?


Give learners access to the real-world content they need to achieve their goals, from career-aligned courses to your company's onboarding materials.


The Proficiency Assessment (PA) lets you know how many of your learners
need to improve their English level and what skill areas to focus on.


Our method follows a framework that's validated and mapped to the international standards such as ACTFL, ALTE, CEFR, ECEF, ILR and GSE. We also have recurring assessment tests, not only to measure learner's English proficiency, but also to inform teachers of the learner's strengths and areas of improvement so that they can use this information when planning their own classes.


Pitman Training's state-of-the-art technology, online courses and integrated mobile app provide learners with a 21st-century experience.


Listening to a native speaker is a good way to learn, but that does not mean that person is an expert in second language acquisition. Our English instructors have degrees in applied linguistics, TESOL, language teaching and/or a CELTA certification.


Pitman English In Centre / Onlnine learning solution maximise the benefits of both technology & in-ccentre classes. We offer learners access to authentic content that matches exactly what they need to learn and to complement their lessons with high-quality, personalised instruction to get just-in-time feedback when they need it the most.

Introducing the new Pitman English course

The Learner Journey

proficiency assessment

Before you start the course our Course Advisors will set you up with an initial Proficiency Assessment. This assessment determines your current English language skill level. The course software then adjusts the level of your training as appropriate to ensure you start at the right level.

Pitman English Proficiency



FLexible, self-paced

Live native english speaker

no software to install

on the go mobile app allows you to study



This course is worth 40 CPD Points at No Extra Cost

CPD accredited training will help showcase your personal commitment to lifelong learning, whilst also boosting your confidence and career prospects

English for Professionals

English For Business

Pitman English for Business is the only one of its kind that uses 100% authentic content, designed to provide learners with the real-world skills, context and vocabulary to succeed in today's workplace.

English For Digital Marketing

In this course, learners are taught about the methods, platforms and strategies to reach consumers across the digital media landscape.

English For Customer Service

No matter where your organisation is located, it's essential that your customer service representatives are fully equipped to confidently support English-speaking customers around the world.

English for IT
Helpdesk & Support

When your helpdesk team is guiding customers through technical trouble-shooting and IT support, precise and clear communication is critical to their success.

English for Healthcare

English for Healthcare is designed to prepare learners for careers in general medicine, specialised medical fields and high-stakes work environments.

English for Oil & Gas

English for Oil & Gas is a comprehensive course designed to prepare learners for careers in onshore and offshore drilling, and to support experienced oil and gas professionals in a globalised career field.

English for Tourism & Hospitality

For tourism and hospitality professionals who interact with people from all around the world, being able to communicate in English is essential.

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