Searching for a job?

Searching for a job?

It’s all about networking!

  • Make sure you attend job events and career fairs.
  • You need to get yourself out there and just start a conversation with someone.
  • Keep talking but don’t forget to listen for signals – for example do they know anyone who could help you?
  • Swap details even if it’s just an email address, this will grow your contact list.
  • Remember word of mouth and recommendations could land you that job you’ve always wanted.
  • In general, be enthusiastic, eager, helpful, optimistic and approachable – it doesn’t matter who you’re speaking to.

Start following companies and become a brand advocate

  • Keep an eye on what your favourite or aspiring companies are posting online via LinkedIn and social networks.
  • Sometime they may post jobs. casibom güncel
  • This also enables you to start researching the company in advance – should you land a job interview.
  • Become a brand loyalist so that when you do meet with anyone from that company they can see you’ll fit in well with their values and ethos.
  • Don’t forget, with the power of online, companies can also check out who is following them and what people are posting about them – so make sure you’re on that list!

Make yourself easy to find

  • You have to let employers know that you’re open for new opportunities. Post your CV online so that prospective employers can find you. This also means an employer could come direct to you with a role.
  • Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date – and if you don’t have one, don’t waste time, do it now.
  • Be proactive and send a covering letter and your CV to HR departments. There’s also no harm in following this up with a call to make sure they’ve received it.
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