Touch Typing Courses

Learning to touch type is a basic skill which will shave hours off your week, helping you to produce accurate documents with speed and ease.

You can learn to touch type on one of the Pitman touch-typing training courses and gain a recognised Pitman Training certificate from one of the most respected training providers in this sector.

Pitman Training has been synonymous with high quality office training since 1837 and Touch Typing continues to be one of our most popular and successful courses.

Keyboard skills and touch-typing are the foundations of computer literacy and confidence – fast, accurate typing and number input can revolutionise your experience at work and ensure you’re a highly productive member of any team. Keyboard skills can be easily learnt with the right training and Pitman Training offers some of the best touch typing courses in the market.

Whether you’re looking for a job or career as an Office Administrator, Secretary or Office Manager, touch typing is an essential skill to master. It is expected by employers and if you have never learnt it now’s the time. It is also amazingly useful, just in everyday office work, as touch typing training enables you to produce documents and record notes quickly and easily. It’s the kind of skill that you never look back from and once you have acquired it, you wonder how you have lived without it for so long!

Our module courses are a great way to build up your typing speed and enable you to practice as much as you like to improve your WPM. We have a range of touch typing courses which will enhance your keyboard skills and improve your speed, these courses include: numeric data entry courses – helping you work faster in spreadsheet and numeric formats, keyboard speed development courses – which will enable you to not only increase your speed, but most importantly your accuracy, and audio transcription courses – a specialist subject which is often used in PA and secretarial roles, particularly in legal and medical offices.

By increasing your touch typing skills, you’ll become a valuable member of any team where computers are used for word processing and document production on a day to day basis. Whether you are at a beginner level, need a little brush up on your speed or simply want to further enhance your accuracy and typing speed, we have a course to suit you.