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Data Modeling

Data Modeling allows you to integrate data from multiple tables, effectively building a relational data source inside an Excel. This is the most advanced and demanding feature of Excel.

Excel Dashboard

An Excel dashboard helps managers and business leaders in tracking key KPIs and take a decision based on it. It contains charts/tables/views that are backed by data.

Business Intelligence

The set of tools and processes that Excel use to gather data, turn it into meaningful information, and then make better decisions.

Work Automation

Automatic and repetitive work with the help of simple & dynamic macro functions to save time and better analysis.

Microsoft Excel

What’s in the course

There are 27 modules in this course, below is a breakdown of what each one covers:

Module 1 - Module 7:

• Introduction Module: Welcome and course information
• Starting Excel
• Opening & closing Excel, Using SUM and Navigating Excel
• Formatting
• Number Formats and Different File Types
• Autofill, Formulas and Inserting/Deleting Columns & Rows
• Hiding & Unhiding and Aligning & Formatting Cells

Module 8 - Module 13:

• Cut, Copy & Paste, Drag & Drop, Format Painter and Auto Complete

• Text Orientation, Non-Adjacent Data, Freeze & Unfreeze, Zoom and Worksheets
• Styles and Themes
• Configure Worksheets and Workbooks
• Using Functions, Quick Analysis and Sort
• Headers and Footers

Module 14 - Module 22:

• Create and Manage Tables
• Worksheets and Viewing Workbooks
• Introduction to Charts
• Complex Formulas
• Now, Count, Today and If Functions
• Format and Modify Text Using Functions
• Perform Logical Operations Using Functions
• Hidden Worksheets and Financial Functions
• Using Formulas in Grouped Worksheets

Module 23 - Module 27:

• Charts
• Sparklines and Inserting Images
• Spell Check, Filter and Find & Replace
• Web Pages, Hyperlinks and Conditional Formatting
• Importing a Text File, Customising the Ribbon & the Quick Access Toolbar and Tell Me What You Want To Do

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Advanced Microsoft Excel

What’s in the course

There are 17 modules in this course, below is a breakdown of what each one covers:

Module 1 - Module 4:

- Data calculations, watermarks, converting text to columns fill and flash fill.

- Data consolidation, paste special, working with ranges & name range.
- Hyperlinks and formatting charts.

- Applying functions and formulas.- Relative, Absolute an Mixed Cell References.

Module 5 - Module 8:

- Conditional & advanced conditional formatting.
- Single level sort, Multi level sorting, Custom sorting

- Subtotals and database functions.- Filter and Advanced filter
- Work Automation with macro.
- Data validation, precedent/dependent cells, tracing errors, evaluating formulas.

Module 9 - Module 12:

- Protecting worksheets and workbooks, passwords and file properties.
- Sharing and merging workbooks and grouping and ungrouping data.
- Pivot tables & Pivot charts.
- Data Modeling with Pivot Chart

Module 13 - Module 17:

- VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP- Scenario manager, Goal seek, Forecasting and data tables.
- Using financial, nested and the CONCATENATE functions.
- Create and modify custom workbook elements


Now it’s time to introduce your Bonuses!

Bonus 1

V look up vs Nested If

Single V look up formula on full records

V lookup with Index Match using Macro function

Bonus 2
Random Data Function

Random Numeric Data and its implication.

Random Text Data and its implication.

Automatic Serial & batch Number Generation

Bonus 3
Protecting & Saving Data

Automatic Data Backup

Permanently hiding a Sheet

Auto Data Protection online

Excel Advanced training

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Haseeb Malik

Electrical Engineer

Good learning experience with Pitman Training

It was a very good learning experience with Pitman Training Pakistan. Over all course content was very easy to understand and helpful to grasp. I was really impressed by the details mentioned in the Excel Expert book.

Sana Tariq

(Secretary at Globiz Avenue)

I must say the course helped me a lot

 I would recommend everyone who is doing job related to office administration, secretary role, PAs etc. to go through this above mentioned course by Pitman training. It’ll worth it.

Iffat Ali

Freelancer, iOS Developer

I am able to make better use of Microsoft Excel 

I did excel course from pitman training, its really helpful n easy way to learn at home. I loved n enjoyed a lot with this module system. I recommend strongly all of u to join it.

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