Microsoft Word Courses

Courses in Microsoft Word will enable you to become proficient in the staple programme of the workplace, providing you with efficient skills to produce documents.

Microsoft Word is the most commonly used office based programme used for word processing and business document production. Learning how to use all of the features in Microsoft Word will enable you to write reports with ease, format proposals and create pitches which impress.

Learning how to use Microsoft Office will provide you with advanced skills to help you secure an office based role as it is a basic requirement for employers. Possessing the skills required to use Microsoft Word efficiently will also assist you in progressing in your career, with document productions forming one of the most regularly used skillsets in the workplace.

Our Microsoft Word courses are offered in a number of levels, to suit your existing knowledge and experience. You can choose to refresh your existing skills, advance your understanding and update your versions or learn from scratch with our Microsoft Word basic courses or MS Word Expert course.

By increasing your understanding of the software you will be able to use multiple functions that will increase the pace you are working at, whilst at the same time, ensure you provide high spec documents, with accuracy and attention to formatting requirements. These include spell checking, grammar support and line and paragraph spacing.

Whether you use Microsoft Word on a day-to-day basis, or need to learn from scratch, our Microsoft Word courses will provide you with all of the elements you need to gain a comprehensive working-knowledge of the programme, using live versions of the software. We also provide complementary medical word processing courses for anyone wanting to work as medical secretaries, ward clerks, medical receptionists, medical summarisers or medical admin assistants and many more roles.

Many users of Microsoft Word have not explored the wide and varied list of functions that are on offer to make your working-life easier. Microsoft Word has been designed with you in mind. Take the opportunity to learn how to use the automatic date and time feature, or move text using drag and drop. You can even take your document production one step further by adding some creative elements such as WordArt, watermarks or colours, which will help to make your work presentable and professional.

We can also offer online Microsoft Word courses and training, as our courses can be done either online or within one of our handy local centres. See below for the full range of Microsoft Word courses we offer at Pitman Training.

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