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This training course in Microsoft Word will propel your Word skills forward to an advanced level. Over several lessons, you’ll become confident in a range of Word’s more sophisticated features. 

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Perfect for anyone working in an office environment as a Secretary, PA, EA, VA, Admin Assistant etc. This course is designed for those that have already taken our Microsoft Word course, or already have a good working knowledge of the Word programme, and wish to push their skills onto an expert level and use some of the more advanced features.

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Awarded 22 CPD points upon successful completion

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or a combination, Online, in centre

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22 hours

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    About this course

    For those who have a good grounding in Microsoft Word, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to use MS Word at an expert level.

    This training in Microsoft Word will propel your Word skills forward to an advanced level.

    Over several lessons, you’ll become confident in a range of Word’s more sophisticated features and learn how to use it to its full potential.

    Benefits at a glance:

    • Learn how to use this popular word processing program to an advanced level
    • The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace
    • The opportunity to gain the widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate

    To continue your training, we’d urge you to look at our other Microsoft Office courses, or our Microsoft Office Plus Diploma.

    There are ten lessons in the Word Expert course, here is an example of the lesson plan: –

    Lesson One: Carrying out a mail merge using the mail merge wizard, merging an existing letter with an existing data source, creating a new letter and data source, removing, adding, renaming and moving fields in a new data source, adding new records to a data source, inserting merge fields using address block and greeting line, match fields, inserting merge fields using more items, excluding a recipient from the merge, using mail merge to create envelopes and address labels.

    Lesson Two: Performing a mail merge using an Excel data source, sorting records, inserting merge fields using the mailings tab, merging the current record, working with a word table data source, customising columns in an office address list, carrying out a simple and advanced filter, previewing and merging using the mailings tab.

    Lesson Three: Creating, formatting and modifying a table of contents, viewing a table of contents in web layout view, creating a table of contents using customised styles, creating and modifying an index with sub-entries, creating a cross-reference in an index, inserting a bookmark, using a bookmark to create an index entry, viewing, using and deleting.

    Lesson Four: Inserting and updating footnotes and endnotes, viewing, browsing and managing notes, removing a hyperlink, inserting a caption, working with automatic captions, inserting a cross reference, recording a macro, running a macro, assigning a macro to a keyboard shortcut, assigning a macro to the Quick Access Toolbar, modifying a button, editing a macro, deleting a macro.

    Lesson Five: Creating a new source and insert a citation, inserting a placeholder, inserting a bibliography, editing a source, modifying a bibliography, managing sources, creating a new caption label, inserting and modifying a Table of Figures, marking a citation in a legal document, marking multiple occurrences of a citation, inserting and modifying a Table of Authorities, deleting a customised caption label, deleting citations from a master list

    Lesson Six: Using outline view, promoting and demoting outline items, moving outline items up or down, expanding and collapsing outline items, working with master documents and subdocuments, collapsing and expanding subdocuments, opening subdocuments, locking subdocuments, removing a subdocument from a master document

    Lesson Seven: Inserting content controls in a form, inserting form fields, creating a drop-down list, creating a date format, using calculations in a form, protecting a form, entering information into a form, applying built in styles using the Quick Style Gallery, using the Style inspector, modifying an existing style, creating a new style and add to the Style Gallery, manage styles, clearing formats, finding and replacing styles

    Lesson Eight: Enabling and disabling change tracking, reviewing a document using track changes, accepting or rejecting changes, inserting, viewing and navigating comments, editing and deleting comments, using the reviewing pane, viewing balloon options, reviewing tracked changes, selecting options for mark-up, comparing and combining

    Lesson Nine: Viewing documents for hidden or personal information, viewing document properties, changing document properties, viewing document properties, marking a document as final, encrypting a document, password protecting documents to open and modify, removing a password, restricting editing changes in a document, adding a digital signature

    Lesson Ten: Saving as a web page, using web layout view, applying a page colour, inserting and using a hyperlink, inserting a SmartArt diagram, modifying a SmartArt diagram, inserting a chart, modifying a chart

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