Microsoft Word Level 1 – Seminar

This is a one-day, tutor-led seminar that will help you quickly get to grips with Microsoft Word, the world renowned word processing programme. We can train on 2013 or 2010 according to your requirements and the seminar is suitable for beginner level. You’ll start from scratch and look how to create, navigate, and save documents. You’ll then also look at formatting your document, working with tables and lists and much more!


This one-day seminar is designed for individuals with a basic understanding of Windows who would like to gain a proficient working knowledge of Microsoft Word, either using 2013 or 2010.

Microsoft Word is a versatile programme with many features and capabilities. This seminar covers key topics such as:

  • Microsoft Word basics - creating, editing, printing, saving and closing documents
  • Navigating in a document - use find and replace and go to commands
  • How to apply, edit and amend character and paragraph formatting
  • How to insert and work with tables in your document
  • How to work with lists
  • Adding images and special characters and symbols to your document
  • Editing page appearance - colours, borders, headers and footers
  • Using Microsoft Word proofing tools such as spell checker
  • How to customise the Microsoft Word interface.

Successful completion will give you a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word and you'll be well placed to go on and undertake the Level 2 Microsoft Word seminar.

Even if we don't have any dates showing below, contact your local training centre to find out when they might be running the next session!

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